wwell wwell wwell...
oi..goodnight tumblr i reely need to get to sleep early tonight…goodnight everyone…hope to sea you soon…cough especialy the helmslady cough
some of us do groww evver so tired of faking smiles. and though wwe try so fuckin hard to pass these off as true smiles wwe still become immensly aggitated wwhen our ‘friends’ dont notice the sheer sorroww and pain held in our eyes.
i havve discovered the energy drink ‘monster’ and this is fuckin amazin
(( be back soon ))
wwoww…i slept in…
wwell i reely do need some sleep. goodnight evveryone
Reblog if you’ve ever been bullied.

Let’s see how many notes this will get.

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(( this ))

i wwatched it despite eridans wwarning…wwhat the /hell/ did i just sea?
hello eq
D--> Hello DualScar
Wwell wwhat do you fuckin need?